You know what.. this is why I don’t shop at UO, or the mall for that matter. 

UO is so overpriced and ridiculous. They steal peoples pictures online without researching and/or permission/consent.

along with these other gems:

They are completely overpriced for no reason! Take these 3 images above for example from their website. I was looking around to see how much they sell their denim jackets for, just to see (they run for about 130USD lOL No thanks), and then I see this!

The first image is of course, the ever so popular but played out cat dress.. 70 DOLLARS?! If you go to the site, you can see that they modified this dress. Its longer, has a zipper and the bow is gross looking. I dont even.

The second image is of a suspender skirt that you can get in a prettier pastel color for 22 bucks on storenvy…(or, though sheinside is a bit pricey as well.)

Lastly, I know this dress anywhere. Its from Syndrome. They are selling it for 36 bucks. UO? A leg and an arm. The reviews on the dress is hilarious by the way.

I see clothes at marshalls that are at UO for about 50$ cheaper. I dont know. This made me so angry. Why do people even shop there?!!?

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    I never thought I would see the day when someone would FINALLY put UO on blast. Thank you!
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    UO clothes look like last year’s clothes anyway
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    Never said anything about Boycotting UO. I just dont understand why people shop there BECAUSE of all the insane things...
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