Even the most kawaii have our problems..


So, I was just sitting here watching Spongebob and this commercial comes on, scaring the crap out of me. (My tv was on really loud) “CUTIE POPS! LA LA LA~” starts playing and normally I dont pay attention to commercials, but this one caught my eye after seeing these miniature dolls with a lolita type candy skirt on, colorful ponytails and bangs that resembles the sweet lolita hair style. It even comes with a pet… 

I quickly youtube’d this product and what-do-you-know. They have cookies, cakes, lollipops and other sweets on their “cupcake” shaped dresses. The designs look very loli-esque. Watch this video and tell me I’m not seeing things. This is really really odd to me. Its a cute concept, but I dont know what to think about this overall. Someone even said they looked ugly in another video.

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