Lolita Problems

Even the most kawaii have our problems..


Moon & Bow Lace Shirt


bunny shoes…

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This is just fantastic !

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Felt bags by krukrustudio in Moscow, Russia

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Japan Town, by the way.


For the ones of you that live in the bay area in California and frequent Jtown. There’s this store right by Ichiban-kan that sells clothing and on one of their fixtures they have some lolita items. Do NOT buy them. The tags are cut from the garments so you don’t know what…


Garden of Jam Skirt - 298RMB (~$48USD)

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Misako Aoki on Australia’s Next Top Model.

This actually makes me really angry. The models are super unprofessional and close-minded about the whole thing, and they keep making all these rude comments about the outfits chosen for them. I understand that as someone who’s never been exposed to any kind of jfash, it can all seem very weird, but as a model you’re supposed to be open minded about these things. It’s also super hard to watch because the girls don’t realize how many people would kill to be in their places. One girl has an entire coord picked out for her by Misako from the BTSSB store. Another girl gets to keep a BTSSB bonnet as a prize, which she openly mocks. 

I hate this video. I remember watching it several years ago and remarking about what a joke they made everything out to be. It’s similar to the TLC documentary on the shit scale of J-Fashion representation, for me. Such closed-minded girls don’t seem to have what it takes to understand fashion and creativity. Even if I would never wear the bonnet or didn’t understand it, I would appreciate that it was a gift and try to understand the different cultural interests of other individuals.

Every time Misako cries, one hundred usakumyas die. D:

This pisses me off way more than it should

I can’t believe it took the girls at the end to cry to make these models realize how serious they were taking it.

This video makes my blood boil every time. The girls and boys in high school were like this to me about me liking Lolita. Just plain mean. And it meant the world to me too.



Cameo Winder in Paris - Angelic Pretty

Stunning! New dream dress!


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